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2 Piece 16 Slot Reversible Wrench Rack


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  • The GEARWRENCH 83121 Reversible Wrench Rack Set contains 2 space-saving organizers that each hold up to 16 SAE or metric wrenches, of sizes up to 1 inch or 25mm. Designed for the professional automotive or industrial technician, these racks include key usability features like the self-aligning, quick change, & reversible side rails along with the reinforced plastic composite material slots that guides wrenches so they always face forward for quicker & easier identification. Our angled design takes up 30% less space in your tool drawer, and the two included racks have different colored side rails for easy differentiation
  • Takes up 30% less space in your tool drawer
  • Self-aligning, reversible side rails with a quick-change design
  • Wrenches always face forward for easy size identification
  • Accommodates 16 wrenches Up to 1 in / 25mm
  • Includes 2 side rail colors for easy differentiation
  • Accommodates 16 wrenches up to 1 in / 25mm


  • Overall Length 36.8cm / 14.5in
  • Set Yes

Please Note: Tools are not included and are only for illustration purposes.